The impact of your 2015-16 donation:

  • 18,216 safe shelter nights.
  • 91,130 nutritious meals and snacks.
  • 63 youth employed through the Employment Program.
  • 68 youth permanently housed.
  • 1,496 stabilizing supports provided to former residents.
  • 100% of Stay in School Program youth felt supported by a case manager in reaching for their goals.
  • 2,273 client case management meetings guided youth in mapping out their next steps in the emergency residence.
  • 1,000’s of school supplies, hygiene products and clothing items helped youth reach for their goals.
  • 422 life skills and educational workshops in the Steps to Success Program.

By the dollars:

  • $25 will provide one youth with a safe place to sleep for one night at YWS
  • $50 will provide TTC tokens for one month to help a youth look for a job, visit a doctor and find a place to live.
  • $75 will provide one “Getting started in the Stay in School Program” package including a blanket, pillow, sheets, alarm clock and hygiene kit.
  • $150 will provide one “On the Move” moving package for one youth with the basic necessities such as bed linens, pillow, and blankets
  • $127 will provide milk with each meal for one week for all 53 youth.
  • $240 will provide milk with each meal for one week for all 53 youth.

Audited Financial Statements