Employment Program

The YWS Employment Program provides one-on-one assessments teaching the necessary skills to gain employment such as resume writing and interview skills. Connections to training programs, career shadowing, and volunteer opportunities are also provided. The program aims to alleviate the barriers homeless youth encounter in finding and maintaining employment such as: literacy, legal issues and lack of financial resources to access appropriate foot and work wear.

The success to date of the personalized approach of our existing Employment Program has highlighted the priority need for a fully integrated approach with our Life Skills Program.  The YWS Life Skills and Employment Program is a newly combined program initiative to equip YWS youth residents and past residents in the YWS After-Care Program with the life skills and resources to secure employment and successfully move to stable, independent living.

Contact the Employment Program: 416.748.0110 ext. 42

One resident’s words: “[The Employment Facilitator] helped me make resumes,cover letters and [learn] how to properly answer emails. I learned the importance of being [an] organized, dedicated job searcher… I found the Employment Facilitator to be a great asset. She’s very knowledgeable about the whole employment world. She [is] always working hard for you, and whenever you feel discouraged she’s there to give you a boost. Also, she’s always searching her resources to find anything to help your job search. I truly believe that without her help I wouldn’t have gotten employed so quickly.”

By the numbers:

Youth employed
2014-­15: 78
2015-­16: 63
2016-17: 55
2017-18: 54

2018-19: 65

One on one counselling sessions
2014-­15: 868
2015-­16: 612
2016-17: 404
2017-18: 656

2018-19: 590