Stay In School Program

“If you were to look at me, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I live at a shelter. I never thought I would end up living in a shelter. I heard of this program from my Guidance Counselor at school. I was in a situation where I needed a place to stay badly. I feel that the shelter is my home. At 16 years old, I am the youngest in the house. I’m going to have to say I couldn’t have been in a better place than this.”  

-YWS resident, age 16

Homelessness and leaving school early go hand-in-hand and are a major life-long disadvantage for youth. The 20-bed Youth Without Shelter Stay in School Program removes the barriers a homeless youth faces in completing their education by providing a safe and stable environment to live in and support and guidance from qualified staff. With safe housing, clothing, hygiene products, nutritious food, and counselling, the program provides valuable elements that enable youth to succeed. Youth in the program have access to volunteer tutors and an on-site computer lab to assist with homework. Students are provided with transit passes, basic school supplies and school appropriate clothing based upon donations. Packed lunches are available for school days. Youth in the Stay in School Program are responsible for maintaining their grades, attending school regularly and completing various household chores.

Contact the Stay in School Program: 416.748.0110 ext. 29

Stay in School Program Coordinator shares her thoughts:

“All of the youth in our program have a story to tell. To be certain life has not always been kind to them. I believe a proper education offers these youth their best chance for success. As a case manager, my job is to ensure they have the necessary skills, motivation and focus as they move out into the world.”


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Stay in School Program Case Management
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By the numbers:

Safe bed nights:
2014-15: 7,066
2015­-16: 7,082
2016-­17: 5,824
2017-18: 7,112

2018-19: 7,146

Nutritious meals/snacks provided:
2014-­15: 35,322
2015-­16: 35,460
2016-17: 29,120
2017-18: 35,560

2018-19: 35,730

One on one counselling sessions:

2017-18: 1,068

2018-19: 823

Graduates this school year:


Thank you to the “Margins to Mainstream” Partnership with Pinball Clemons Foundation for their investment in the Stay in School Program.