Success Stories

At YWS, we are often asked “how do you measure success?”. Success is measured differently for every youth who walks through our front doors. For someone it could be going back to school and for another person it could be reconciling with family. Hear words from some of the youth we have helped transition back to independent members of society.

Melony and Andres' Story

"When you're living here, you're striving for a better tomorrow...a better future."

Ricardo's Story

"To see somebody that's not a family member, not a friend...just a complete stranger care so much about shows a lot."

Nancy's Story

"If I had not come here, I'm sure I would not have been able to graduate."

Nicholas’ Story

"Getting here to Youth Without Shelter, I got every support I needed."

Mike's Story

"The amount of help they gave me while I was here is phenomenal...I'm so happy to be going back to school".

Youth Stories 2015

"They all work together. They laid the foundation for me and all I had to do was act. They are my family."

Matt's Story

"This program is really helpful. You get a metropass, school books, counselling support...It's a really good program for somebody who is trying to focus on school".

Kim's Story

"I was glad I had somewhere to sleep, to shower, and I had food to eat."

YWS & Resiliency

"Every young person has something they're good at. When you focus on their strength, then you are able to deal with any underlying issues they may be facing."

Youth Stories 2016

"YWS helps you be independent they will guide you but you have to take the steps."