Our Board Team

Our Board Team

Youth Without Shelter is governed by a 12 ­member volunteer Board of Directors and an Advisory Board, consisting of community and corporate representatives with diverse professional skills and abilities.

A finance and audit committee provides enhanced oversight of the shelter’s financial management.



  • Moez Headshot


    Partner, AMLB CPAs and Consulting

    Why I support YWS

    “My passion for volunteering and working with youth emanates from my childhood. Having immigrated with my parents and brother to Canada twenty-five years ago, I observed first-hand the challenges faced, including abuse, addiction, poverty, and bullying. I was lucky enough to make it through having been afforded a safe, caring and empowering environment where I felt supported and encouraged to take positive steps in life. I just thought, if I was lucky enough to gain skills and experience that could benefit others, why not help wherever I could?”


    Vice Chair and Treasurer

    Chartered Professional Accountant (Retired)

    Why I support YWS

    “Throughout my years of walking the streets of Toronto, I have seen a countless number of homeless people without the resources they need to create a better future. I often wondered how I could help them in a sustainable way, or even get ahead of the issue by helping these same people from a younger point in their lives. I also struggled with how to teach my children about how best to help others in need, and have finally found that answer from what I’ve seen at Youth Without Shelter. Many youth find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. Everyone needs to know that someone cares about them.”

  • Tracey Headshot


    Senior Manager of Business Development Communications, National Sales Office, Deloitte Canada

    Why I support YWS

    “I serve on the YWS Board because I have seen what a meaningful, long-term effect the shelter has on its residents — it’s so much more than a roof over their heads. With the help and encouragement of the devoted YWS leadership and staff, these amazing kids manage to rise up from some truly unthinkable situations. It is so rewarding to see them blossom into more confident, self-sufficient young adults who are not only full of hope, but often eager to help make positive change in their own way.”


Advisory Board

Executive Director


    Executive Director

    Youth Without Shelter

    Why I support YWS

    Steve is the Executive Director of YWS.  Steve’s focus has been on children’s mental health and family treatment as well as developmental services for over 25 years.  Steve has managed residential treatment facilities and day treatment programs including the first substance abuse treatment program for youth incorporating both harm reduction and family therapy.  Steve is a former instructor in the child and youth worker program at Sheridan College.  He is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and has presented at local, provincial, and national conferences.  Greatest YWS inspiration: the youth who despite their struggles find a way to keep moving forward.