YWS Class of 2019

We’ve had a very exciting few weeks over here at YWS in our Stay in School Program.

This unique program aims to remove barriers that a homeless youth may face in completing their education by providing a safe and stable environment to live in and support and guidance from qualified staff.

With safe housing, clothing, hygiene products, nutritious food, and counselling, the program provides valuable elements that enable youth to succeed. Youth in the program have access to volunteer tutors, computers to assist with homework, transit passes, basic school supplies and school appropriate clothing based upon donations. The Youth enrolled in this program are responsible for maintaining their grades, attending school regularly and completing various household chores.

We are proud to announce that we have 11 graduates this year from both secondary and post secondary school programs!

We are so proud of their individual accomplishments, and inspired by their hard work and determination to reach their goals.

To the 2019 graduating class – Congratulations!




One comment on “YWS Class of 2019

  1. Jessica Buckley on

    These achievements are so impressive!! Congratulations to each of you for your perseverance and accomplishments. I wish you all the best and there is no doubt that the future looks bright.


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